TVR S series Part Numbers

These are parts that I have used successfully on my TVR S3. I make no promises that they fit all the TVR S series but I'm happy that they are the correct or suitable part for MY application.

Part Description Suppliers Part Number Comments
Rear brake shoes Quinton Hazel BS615
Oil filter - 2.9 V6 WIX WL7168 Slightly larger diameter than those I've seen used before but it is flat enough to just fit between the chassis and engine gap.
Swirlpot (radiator) cap QH FC53 It's basically a long reach 15psi as used on early Minis. You'll need to create a thin rubber sealing washer though.
Rear wheel bearing - nearside Motorcraft 5011392 From a Sierra - fairly common part across the range
Steering UJ - lower RD820F From Rally Design
Steering UJ - upper RD850 From Rally Design
Gearbox mount Quinten Hazel EM1536 From a Granada 72-85 and other Fords of that era
Propshaft UJ - V6 Landrover part number TVC100010 Land Rover Defender 87-01 75mm with grease nipples. Fits front are rear on the V6.
Window channel Woolies part number 317 Universal window channel - approx 12mm
Front upper ball joint QH QSJ1004S Despite the larger joint head it still fits and there is more camber adjustment available.
Track rod end QH QR1384S A Ford part from Escort Mk2, early Cortinas etc.

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